Vehicle Signage & Branding Refresher Course for Experienced Installers

Recognition of Prior Learning (1 DAY)

Sign Academy South Africa's comprehensive 1-day REFRESHER AND ASSESSMENT course for Vinyl Applicators & Installers who have previous Vinyl application to vehicles experience. (Vinyl Wrapping not included in this training course).


A Certificate of Competency for Recognition of Prior Learning. This is an Assessment Course for Experienced Vinyl Applicators / Installers only.


Installers who have over 6 months PROVEN) installation experience in the signage industry can spend 1 day at our training facility, participating in hands-on practical assignments that aims to bring participants up to speed and allows time for test fitting Vinyl Cut out lettering, Vinyl panels and Contravision on our Training Rig.


Sign Academy South Africa will assess participants installations and vinyl application skills to ensure quality standards are met, whilst also allowing time to get familiar with vinyl and it’s properties, ensuring candidates have the confidence to go straight into a paid install at their workplace.


1 Day Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) course outline tailored for experienced vehicle branding and signage installers, focusing on assessing their existing skills and knowledge through various assignments and assessments:


Recognition of Prior Learning for Experienced Vehicle Branding and Signage Installers

Course Overview: This one-day RPL course is designed to recognize and assess the skills and knowledge of experienced vehicle branding and signage installers. Through a series of assignments and assessments, participants will demonstrate their competency in various aspects of vehicle branding and signage installation.


Course Objectives:

  • Assess participants' existing skills and knowledge in vehicle branding and signage installation.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to showcase their proficiency through practical assignments.
  • Evaluate participants' ability to adhere to industry standards and best practices.
  • Offer feedback and guidance for further professional development.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to RPL Process
  • Overview of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and its importance
  • Explanation of the assessment criteria and process

Review of Industry Standards and Best Practices

  • Recap of industry standards and regulations for vehicle branding and signage installation
  • Discussion on best practices and techniques

Practical Assignments: Vinyl Application Techniques

  • Assignment 1: Vehicle Surface Preparation
  • Assignment 2: Vinyl Cutting and Weeding
  • Assignment 3: Vinyl Application on Flat and Contoured Surfaces

Assessment: Vinyl Application Skills

  • Practical assessment of participants' vinyl application skills
  • Evaluation of technique, accuracy, and attention to detail

Vehicle Signage Installation Techniques

  • Overview of different types of vehicle signage (decals, lettering, wraps, etc.)
  • Installation of Vehicle Signage

Assessment: Vehicle Signage Installation Skills

  • Practical assessment of participants' vehicle signage installation skills
  • Evaluation of technique, alignment, and finish quality

Compliance and Safety Considerations

  • Discussion on compliance with safety regulations and standards
  • Assignment: Safety and Compliance Quiz

Final Review and Feedback

Review of participants' performance in assignments and assessments

Individual feedback and recommendations for further development


Conclusion: At the end of this one-day RPL course, participants will have demonstrated their competency in various aspects of vehicle branding and signage installation through practical assignments and assessments. They will receive feedback on their performance and guidance for ongoing professional development within the industry.

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