Sign Academy's 4-Day Master Class in Vehicle Wrapping offers comprehensive training for auto styling professionals, covering vehicle color change techniques from beginner to professional levels.


This intensive course provides hands-on instruction in advanced installation methods, ensuring participants meet and exceed industry standards. Experienced industry veterans teach students practical skills and deep insights that can be immediately applied to their work.


The program will enhance your expertise, broaden your service capabilities, and boost your career prospects in the competitive auto styling market.


Elevate your skills and master vehicle wrapping with Sign Academy’s rigorous and thorough training.

4-Day Masterclass Vehicle Wrapping Colour Change Course Content:


Introduction and Basic Techniques

Welcome and Orientation

  • Introduction to the course and instructors
  • Overview of vehicle wrapping industry and market trends

Materials and Tools

  • Detailed overview of wrapping materials (vinyl types, adhesives)
  • Essential tools and equipment for vehicle wrapping

Surface Preparation

  • Cleaning and prepping vehicle surfaces
  • Techniques for removing existing wraps or decals

Basic Techniques

  • Cutting and trimming vinyl
  • Applying vinyl to flat surfaces and simple curves

Practice Session

  • Hands-on practical assignments with basic wrapping techniques on flat panels


Intermediate Techniques and Internal Panels

Advanced Surface Preparation

  • Prepping complex surfaces and challenging areas
  • Understanding surface tension and adhesion

Intermediate Wrapping Techniques

  • Wrapping contoured surfaces and complex curves
  • Techniques for internal panels and inserts

Door Jambs and Rocker Panels

  • Detailed steps for wrapping door jambs and rocker panels
  • Ensuring durability and professional finish in high-wear areas

Practice Session

  • Hands-on practical assignments with intermediate wrapping on various vehicle parts, including internal panels, door jambs, and rocker panels


Advanced Techniques and Complex Installations

Complex Installations

  • Wrapping large panels and full vehicle sections
  • Techniques for difficult areas like fenders, bumpers, and rooflines

Detailing and Finishing

  • Cutting and edging techniques for a seamless, professional finish
  • Post-installation care and maintenance tips

Quality Control

  • Ensuring wraps meet industry standards
  • Techniques for inspecting and correcting imperfections

Practice Session

  • Hands-on wrapping of complex vehicle parts, including inserts and door jambs


Mastery of Vehicle Wrapping

Professional Installations

  • Demonstrations by instructors
  • Step-by-step guidance through a complete wrap process

Internal Panels

  • Advanced techniques for wrapping internal panels with precision
  • Addressing common challenges in wrapping internal components

Final Project

  • Participants perform Practical Test under instructor supervision
  • Review and critique of each participant's work

Certification and Graduation

  • Assessment of skills and knowledge acquired
  • Awarding of completion certificates
  • Final Q&A and wrap-up session


This comprehensive 4-day masterclass equips auto styling and detailing professionals with the skills and confidence needed to perform complete vehicle color changes, including intricate areas such as inserts, door jambs, rocker panels, and internal panels, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards.

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