• Sign Academy is the 1st, and still the only training facility of its kind in Africa.

  • Sign Academy offers over 40 "Hands-on" Practical training courses

  • Sign Academy has over 36 Years industry related experience

  • Sign Academy has been providing training for over 15 Years, since 2009

  • Sign Academy uses a variety of innovative learning processes which are guaranteed to futo engage the learner fully

  • Sign Academy is considered a Cost-effective solution – our clients regard us as value for money

  • Sign Academy's programs are tailored to the needs of the client and their participants 

  • Sign Academy's programs are regarded as practical, pragmatic and ‘real’; we ensure the programs are relevant to the learners, so that the participants can take the learning from the program and transfer it instantly into the workplace

  • Sign Academy makes learning fun: we "fun-damentally" believe people learn best in a relaxed and enjoyable environment

  • What Sign Academy says, they do: they deliver on their commitments.

  • Sign Academy is professional, reliable, and consistent

  • Sign Academy offers industry-specific mentor and coaching programs

Why Choose Us?

At Sign Academy South Africa, our commitment lies in delivering top-tier courses and training tailored for the signage, automotive, and interior decorating sectors.


Drawing from over 37 years of industry related expertise, our innovative and dynamic training techniques ensure that your staff receives the essential knowledge for enhanced productivity and efficiency, ultimately contributing to increased profitability.


Year after year, participants return to Sign Academy South Africa for the same high-quality training that consistently meets their evolving needs and exceeds expectations.

Our Requirements

Sign Academy South Africa has a minimum age requirement of 16 years for its courses, and possessing a Matric qualification is not obligatory.


We warmly welcome individuals of all genders to participate in our courses. Our courses are conveniently scheduled to accommodate your availability, including on-site training programs for individuals or companies, catering to the needs of one or more students.


Sign Academy South Africa supplies all necessary course notes, materials, and tools for specific courses, except for on-site training where clients are responsible for providing materials and tools.


Upon successful completion of any course at Sign Academy South Africa, individuals are awarded a Certificate of Competency.

Our Guarantee

If, after completing a training course at Sign Academy South Africa, you feel that you need more practice or instruction, you may come to Sign Academy's facility in Cape Town and join a scheduled training course for the same service at no additional charge, within 12 months.



(Advance notice is required to re-train, and the course must be scheduled and have adequate availability for additional students).