Sign Academy's Architectural Window Tinting training courses provide  individuals with the expertise to tint windows in residential and commercial settings, offering a promising career or business opportunity.


Participants learn essential skills such as assessing client needs, selecting appropriate tint films, and applying them to windows efficiently. Through hands-on practice and guidance from experienced instructors, trainees gain proficiency in enhancing energy efficiency, UV protection, and privacy for homes and offices.


Our Master Class also delves into business essentials, including marketing strategies, pricing structures, and client management, enabling graduates to establish successful ventures in the architectural window tinting industry.

2 Day Architectural Window Tinting

Training Course


Sign Academy's 2-day architectural window tinting training course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills related to the application of window tinting films in architectural settings such as Commercial and Residential buildings.


Discover the ultimate two-day window tinting course tailored for both commercial and residential applications. Delve into comprehensive techniques covering surface preparation, film selection, and advanced application methods.


Learn from industry experts, engage in hands-on practical assignmentss, and gain invaluable insights into business strategies for success. Elevate your skills and unlock the potential to offer top-tier window tinting services in both commercial and residential settings.


Learn from industry leaders with over 35 years of industry-related experience.

3 Day Window Tinting & 

Decorative Frosted Vinyl

Training Course


Sign Academy's 3-day window tinting and decorative window film training course offers a comprehensive training program for both commercial and residential applications.


Participants will learn essential techniques for installing window tinting films, including surface preparation, proper tool usage, and advanced application methods.


Additionally, the course covers decorative window film applications, enabling participants to create stunning visual effects and privacy solutions for their clients.


Through hands-on practical assignments and expert instruction, attendees will gain the skills and knowledge needed to offer high-quality window tinting and decorative film services in the competitive market.

4 Day Master Class  

Architectural Window Tinting


Sign Academy's 4 Day Architectural WIndow Tinting Master Class is an advanced level course, designed for individuals who want to possess a professional level of proficiency or knowledge in the subject matter and seek to deepen their understanding or refine their skills to run a successful window tinting  business.


Our Master classes involves intensive, hands-on instruction, personalized feedback, and advanced techniques not typically covered in our beginner and intermediate courses. Our Master classes are highly regarded for their ability to provide advanced insights, techniques, and strategies that can help participants elevate their expertise to a higher level.


Suitable for anyone wanting to start their own Architectural Window Tinting Business or take their existing Business to the next level.


Upon completing Sign Academy South Africa's architectural Window Tinting training course, graduates may find various job opportunities in the field of window tinting for both residential and commercial settings. Some potential job roles include:


  • Window Tinting Technician: Technicians are responsible for installing window films on residential and commercial windows according to client specifications. They must possess skills in precise measurement, cutting, and application of window films.
  • Sales Representative: Graduates may pursue roles as sales representatives for window tinting companies, where they can leverage their knowledge of window films and their applications to educate and advise clients on the benefits and options available.
  • Project Manager: With further experience and leadership skills, individuals may advance to roles as project managers, overseeing multiple window tinting projects from initial consultation to completion. They coordinate with clients, technicians, and suppliers to ensure projects are executed efficiently and to client satisfaction.
  • Entrepreneur: Some graduates may choose to start their own window tinting business, offering services to residential and commercial clients. This path allows for autonomy and the opportunity to grow a business based on expertise gained from the training course.
  • Industry Specialist: Graduates may also explore opportunities to work for manufacturers or suppliers of window tinting products, providing technical support, training, and product development insights based on their expertise in architectural window tinting.


Overall, attending Sign Academy's architectural Window Tinting training course equips individuals with valuable skills and knowledge that can lead to diverse career opportunities within the window tinting industry.