Sign Academy offers a 2-Day Vehicle Wrapping and a 4-Day Masterclass in vehicle colour changes, perfect for auto styling professionals and newcomers aiming to enter this rewarding field.


Participants will learn from reputable veterans who are professionals in the auto styling industry, gaining invaluable insights and skills. The training courses cover wrapping techniques and methods from beginner to professional level, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the craft.


Through one-on-one, hands-on training, participants will be well-equipped for various job opportunities and gain the knowledge to start their own business. Sign Academy's vehicle wrapping programs are structured to enhance your vehicle wrapping skills and pave the way for a successful career.


Join us to master the art of vehicle wrapping and transform your passion into a profession.


Completing a Vehicle Colour Change Wrapping training Course from Sign Academy South Africa, opens up a variety of job and career opportunities in the auto styling industry such as:


  • Professional Vehicle Wrapper: Specializing in color change wraps and custom designs for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
  • Auto Detailing Specialist: Offering comprehensive detailing services, including wrapping, to enhance the appearance and protection of vehicles.
  • Fleet Graphics Installer: Working with businesses to apply branding and graphics to commercial vehicle fleets.
  • Custom Shop Owner: Starting your own business providing vehicle wrapping and customization services.
  • Vinyl Installation Technician: Installing vinyl wraps on a range of surfaces beyond vehicles, such as boats, motorcycles, and interior decor.
  • Sign and Graphics Installer: Applying wraps and graphics to both vehicles and stationary surfaces, such as windows and walls, for advertising and decorative purposes.


These opportunities leverage the specialized skills and knowledge gained from the academy's hands-on training and expert instruction.


Sign Academy's 2-Day Colour Change Vehicle Wrapping training course provides auto styling professionals with advanced, hands-on training from industry experts to perfect their wrapping skills.


Enhance your expertise and stay ahead in the competitive auto styling industry with cutting-edge techniques and knowledge.

Sign Academy's 4-Day Master Class in Vehicle Wrapping offers auto styling and detailing professionals advanced, an immersive training course to master color change techniques.


Learn from industry leaders to elevate your skills, expand your service offerings, and excel in the competitive auto styling market.