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Kitchen Cabinet ,  Appliance  & Furniture Wrapping Training Course Contents:



●    Introduction to different types of Vinyls and their suitable applications
●    Purpose of Cabinet & Appliance Wraps 

●    Materials used for Cabinet & Appliance Wraps
●    Trimming Wrap Graphics                                                         
●    Tools of the Trade                                                                                

●    Preparation of Cabinets                                                                                   
●    Removing Handles, Hinges, and Other Obstacles                                   
●    Difference Between a Bad Wrap and a Great Wrap
●    Begin Live Cabinet Wrap

●    Demo Cabinet Wrap Prep

●    Remove wax Clean surface, grooves, and seals 
●    Remove or not to remove parts 
●    Use accelerator adhesive where needed  
●    Material Placement Test fit and tape in place Use map / print out for placement
●    Making sure print is level Using a tape hinge  
●    Cabinet  & Appliance Wrap Application Peel from a tape hinge  
●    Squeegee techniques  
●    Avoid stretch and shrink back by tucking material without heat 
●    Using heat when needed to stretch around hard curves                        
●    Troubleshooting Cabinet and Appliance Wraps   
●    Use a heat gun to shrink back discolored vinyl  
●    Getting rid of bubbles Getting rid of wrinkles Trimming & Details  
●    Always use a fresh blade  Cutting doors Cutting around handles, hinges, and more                                                    
●    Relief cuts for stretching into difficult areas
●    Wrapping edges to avoid peeling 
●    Post Cabinet and Appliance Wrap Installation Care 
●    Heat edges with a heat gun and soft towel 
●    Vinyl strip edges if needed                                                                  

●    Clean regularly​

●    Instructor inspection of completed work 
●    Trouble shoot and correct errors -

Kitchen Cabinet & Appliance Wrapping

Training Course


Duration 2 Days    

R5 500.00