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Online Signage Costing Training Course Content:


One of the most important and often asked questions from new sign makers is:

  • How do I get my sign pricing right?  

  • What do I charge?


No other question has such potential for success or failure for a new business. No matter how well you know your equipment, no matter how good your designs and signs are, if you fail in pricing signs right, you fail; period.


So in the interest of increasing your chances for sign making success, we offer this beginners guide to sign pricing.


We’ll look at:

  • industry standard pricing for the most common applications,

  • guidelines for design and labour charges,

  • resources for managing costs,

  • and tips for adapting to regional differences.

Practical Signage Costing Assignments include the following:


  • Illuminated Cabinets

  • Chromadeck Signs

  • Cut Out Letters

  • Computer Cut Vinyl Lettering

  • Window Signage

  • ABS Signs

  • Banners

  • Correx Signs

  • Vehicle Signage

  • Vehicle Wrapping

  • Rigging & Installations

A couple of things to ensure you have an enjoyable online experience...



There are a few things you need to be aware of for you to get the most out of your online training course:


  • You’ll need a webcam and microphone. The built in ones on a laptop are usually fine. It’s best when you have earphones. If you are using a Cellphone the cheap ones or the ones that came with your phone are fine… 

  • A good internet connection is a must. So it’s best to make sure the available bandwidth is available to you.

  • A quiet room with minimal interference and distraction from outside. It is your responsibility to make sure that you will be undisturbed.

for the duration of your training so you can fully concentrate.


You'll need to download Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp onto your computer, laptop or cellphone before the session. Which is super easy, costs you nothing and we’re ready to go. When booking I will also ask for your mobile number so I can give you a call to discuss and answer any further questions you may have.

Choose between 1 Day Full Time or 3 Day Partime:  Online Costing Course for Sign Manufacturers

Live Online Training Virtual Classroom: Signage Costing Course


It makes no difference that you might be thousands of miles away - the moment we begin, it’s as if you are experiencing a one on one training course.


Sign Academy offers long-distance training courses throughout South Africa. Many of our clients are travel often for work reasons or have multiple residences. By offering convenient long-distance online training courses, we're able to accommodate our client's busy schedules.


Other clients prefer to have online training in the comfort of their home. In doing so, they are able to relax in their own personal environment and wear their most comfortable clothing. Online training gives you the same one-on-one attention and quality interaction that all our training courses do.