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Wrap Your Own Car ( Vehicle Wrapping Workshop )



Thinking of having your car wrapped but want to do it yourself?

Would you like a car wrap while learning a new trade?

Learn to wrap on your own car!


3 Days of intense training from stripping the necessary parts of your vehicle to fully wrapping your car in a colour of your choice! 


We recommend that 2 of you attend the wrapping course, as you really do need a second pair of hands when working with larger panels on the side, roof or bonnet of a car. 




You also mustn’t be afraid to strip the car down, as in some instances, door handles and lights sometimes need to be removed and bumpers have to be loosened etc etc.


It’s not difficult once you’ve got used to it, but can be a bit intimidating at the start if you’ve never done it before. You don’t have to do this, but in the long run the job will be better, and quite possibly quicker too. We always say that your homework before you come on the course is to work out how your door handles come off.


We aim to train you to wrap on the car you come in, but WE DON’T GUARANTEE YOU’LL FINISH IT. You are coming to us to LEARN HOW TO WRAP, NOT, to get your car wrapped. 


On booking your course, you'll speak to our Principal Trainer Mitchell, discuss what car you're going to wrap and he'll tell you how much vinyl to order.


We do not supply vinyl’s however we will put you in touch with the BEST suppliers and they will supply you if you tell them you're attending one of our courses.. then simply bring it along with you when you come, or get it sent direct to us.


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R7 000.00

Wrap Your Own Car

Vehicle Wrapping

Training Course


Duration 3 Days