Sign Academy South Africa's Illuminated Perspex Signs Course for expert training in manufacturing illuminated cabinets. Over the duration of the course, participants will delve into the intricacies of designing and constructing illuminated signage using Aluminium extruded profiles and Perspex material.


Through a combination of theory and hands-on assignments and instructions, attendees will master techniques such as wiring, and fabrication of Perspex panels to Perspex side walls and Aluminium cabinets. By the end of the program, participants will emerge equipped with the skills and knowledge to create captivating illuminated Perspex signs 



Manufacturing Illuminated Perspex Sign with Aluminum Extruded Profiles


Introduction to Illuminated Perspex Signs

  • Overview of illuminated Perspex signs and their applications.
  • Introduction to the manufacturing process and materials.

Design Considerations

  • Basics of sign design principles for illuminated Perspex signs.
  • Factors to consider when designing with aluminum extruded profiles.

Material Selection

  • Understanding the properties and characteristics of Perspex and aluminum extrusions.
  • Selecting the appropriate materials for the sign construction.

Fabrication Techniques for Aluminum Extrusions

  • Techniques for cutting, drilling, and assembling aluminum extruded profiles.
  • Hands-on practice with tools and equipment.

 LED Lighting Installation

  • Introduction to LED lighting technology for illuminated signs.
  • Techniques for installing LED modules and strips within the sign structure.


Manufacturing Illuminated Perspex Sign with Full Perspex Construction


Designing/ Manufacturing a Perspex-Only Sign

  • Exploring design possibilities when constructing a sign entirely from Perspex.
  • Techniques for incorporating lighting elements within Perspex panels.

Perspex Fabrication Techniques

  • Techniques for cutting, bending, and joining Perspex.
  • Hands-on practice with Perspex fabrication tools and equipment.

Edge-Lighting Techniques

  • Introduction to edge-lighting techniques for Perspex signs.
  • Hands-on demonstration of edge-lighting installation.

Final Assembly and Finishing

  • Techniques for assembling Perspex panels and securing lighting elements.
  • Finishing touches and quality control measures.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Common issues encountered during the manufacturing process and how to troubleshoot them.
  • Best practices for maintaining and servicing illuminated Perspex signs.


Conclusion: Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing illuminated Perspex signs using both aluminum extruded profiles and full Perspex construction. They will have acquired practical skills through hands-on workshops and be equipped to fabricate high-quality illuminated Perspex signs effectively and professionally.


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