You have the option to select either our standard "Off the Shelf" 2-Day course or our comprehensive 4-Day Master Vehicle Branding & Signage course. Both courses offer hands-on practical training for applying computer-cut vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics onto vehicles.


With over 37 years of hands on experience in the vehicle branding industry, we employ a proven and thorough training methodology.


Our goal is to ensure that all vehicle signage and branding installers produce top-quality workmanship, continually improving industry standards.

Training courses tailored for a lucrative career in the vehicle branding industry offer comprehensive instruction in techniques such as vehicle wrapping, computer cut vinyl application, graphic design, and branding strategies specific to commercial vehicles. These courses typically cover practical skills including surface preparation, vinyl cutting, and installation methods, along with theoretical knowledge in vinyl choice and industry trends.


Sign Academy South Africa provides hands-on practical training courses as well as guidance on starting and managing a successful vehicle branding business. Overall, these courses aim to equip individuals with the expertise and business acumen necessary to thrive in the competitive and lucrative field of vehicle branding.

1 Day Refresher Vehicle Branding Training Course


RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning


1 Day Course only available for Vinyl Applicators / Installers with a minimum of 6 months previous vinyl application experience.

2 Day Foundation Vehicle Branding Training Course





A Comprehensive Vehicle Branding training Course which will give you a good foundation upon which to build your skills.

4 Day Master Vehicle Branding Training Course



Want to be a Professional Installer in the Vehicle Signage and Branding game ? 


This course provides from Basic to Advanced Level Vinyl installation methods and techniques on Vehicles

Job and Career Opportunities in Vehicle Branding

& Vehicle Signage


Attending one of Sign Academy South Africa's vehicle branding courses can open up several exciting job and career opportunities in the signage, advertising, and automotive industries. Here are some potential paths you could explore:


Vehicle Graphics Installer: Become skilled in the installation of vinyl wraps, decals, and graphics on various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and buses. You could work for sign shops, automotive customization shops, or as a freelancer.

Graphic Designer specializing in Vehicle Branding: Develop expertise in designing graphics specifically for vehicles, including wraps, lettering, and imagery. You could work in advertising agencies, sign companies, or start your own design business.

Signage Technician: Learn the technical aspects of signage production, including materials selection, printing techniques, and installation methods. This role could involve creating and installing a wide range of signage types, including vehicle graphics.

Marketing Specialist: Use your knowledge of vehicle branding to help businesses develop effective marketing strategies that leverage mobile advertising through branded vehicles. This role could involve working in-house for a company or at a marketing agency.

Sales Representative: Become a salesperson for sign shops, advertising agencies, or vehicle customization companies, selling vehicle branding services to businesses and organizations. This role requires good communication skills and an understanding of the benefits of vehicle branding for marketing purposes.

Project Manager: Manage vehicle branding projects from start to finish, coordinating with clients, designers, installers, and other stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes. This role requires strong organizational and leadership skills.

Automotive Industry Specialist: Explore opportunities within the automotive industry, working for car dealerships, auto manufacturers, or aftermarket accessory companies that specialize in vehicle customization. Your expertise in vehicle branding could be valuable in roles related to marketing, sales, or product development.

Entrepreneur: Start your own vehicle branding business, offering design, production, and installation services to clients in your area. This option allows you to have full control over your work and potentially expand into related areas such as signage and graphics for buildings and events.

Event Coordinator: Use your knowledge of vehicle branding to coordinate branded vehicle displays and activations at events, trade shows, and promotional campaigns. This role could involve working for event management companies, marketing agencies, or directly for brands seeking to increase their visibility.

Digital Marketing Specialist: Combine your skills in vehicle branding with digital marketing techniques, such as social media advertising and content creation, to maximize the impact of branded vehicles as part of broader marketing campaigns.


These are just a few examples of the many career opportunities available to individuals with training in vehicle branding from Sign Academy South Africa. Depending on your interests and goals, you may find other avenues to explore within the signage, advertising, and automotive industries.